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JCAPS Fall 2020

The Journal of Campus Activities Practice and Scholarship (JCAPS) is a social science peer-reviewed journal.  It focuses on publishing rigorous, relevant, and respected scholarship related to postsecondary education co-curricular campus activities, and translating such scholarship to practice.  It especially encourages submissions from practitioners throughout higher education.

 Typical submissions to the journal cover topics such as:

  • Student and leadership development within campus activities
  • Programming within a diverse and multicultural campus
  • Advising students and their organizations
  • Campus programming, governance, and/or funding boards
  • Assessing the effects of student involvement in campus activities
  • Navigating political and legal issues in working with students
  • Professional development for staff and faculty who work with students

Submit JCAPS Manuscript

Frances A Hamilton, University of Alabama in Huntsville; Kimberly A Hile, University of Alabama in Huntsville;  Dana L Skelley, University of Alabama in Huntsville; Sarah A Roller, University of Alabama in Huntsville;  Sandra A Lampley, University of Alabama in Huntsville;  Erica Slate Young, Appalachian State University;

Stacey Malaret, University of Central Florida; Elizabeth Allan, University of Maine; Germayne Graham, University of Central Florida; Corey Esquenazi, University of Central Florida; Desia Bacon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Paul Whalen, Pennsylvania State University

Michael A. Goodman, University of Maryland–College Park

Joel S. Murphy, Acadia University

Joseph Milone, Southern Connecticut State University

Danielle DeSawal, Indiana University – Bloomington; Adam Peck, Illinois State University, Steven McCullar; St. Cloud State University; David M. Rosch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Stephanie Russell Krebs, University of Tampa

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