Section Descriptions

​Empirical Research consists of original quantitative or qualitative research papers that include a review of relevant literature, a clear explanation of methodology that was conducted by the author, a review of all relevant research findings, and a discussion of the implications and recommendations from the author that stem from the research project.

Media/Source Review consists of  a review of a book, film, online resource, or other tool relevant for professionals working and conducting research within the broad field of postsecondary campus activities.  The body of a Review submission should include: 1) A thorough description of the media or resource being reviewed, including its connection to student learning; 2) A description of the audience and purposes for which the media may be appropriate; 3) An evaluation of the strengths and shortcomings of the media, as well as the unique contributions made by the media being reviewed.

Scholarship-to-Practice Brief invites submissions that describe innovative practices within the field of postsecondary campus activities that are based on rigorous and related scholarship and past research.  Scholarship-to-Practice briefs should include: 1) A thorough description of the campus activities practice, including institutional context, intended outcomes, and other relevant details; 2) A thorough description of how relevant literature informs the described practice; 3) Recommendations for other campus activities scholars for broader adoption of the practice. 

Focus on Emerging Scholars is intended for submissions from graduate students and emerging professionals with less than three years of full-time experience.  We invite submissions related to the above three sections from this population of scholars within the field.