Lifetime Membership Award

The Lifetime Membership Award is an honor given to individuals who have unselfishly and tirelessly contributed to NACA on either the regional or national level. Lifetime Membership is a way to recognize and express gratitude to school staff members and associate members who have clearly given of themselves beyond the norm expected of volunteers or staff.


  • NACA school or associate members who have officially retired from the field of campus activities or who were at an associate firm prior to retirement. 
  • The award may be presented to more than one person in any given year.


  • The Board of Directors will select, by majority vote, deserving members who have officially retired from work and who have given of themselves beyond the norm expected of volunteers or staff. 
  • Names of individuals to be considered may be submitted in writing by any member of NACA at any time.

Persons may be nominated by any member of the Association through the application process. To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form and include the following attachments:

  • At least one letter of nomination, including a listing of the person’s volunteer involvement with NACA as well as the date of their retirement.
  • Optional: Additional supporting materials (i.e. letters, publicity, newspaper reviews, recognition, etc.). may be included.

Nomination Deadline: November 1

Past Award Recipients

2024 - Greg Diekroeger
2024 - Rich Ramos
2023 - Paul Shrode
2023 - Tim Moore
2022 - Christine Storck
2022 - Chuck Simpson
2021 - Steve Westbrook
2020 - David Nevins
2018 - beth triplett
2012 - Susette Redwine
2012 - Max Vest
2012 - M. Fahey
2011 - Larry Markley
2006 - Jim Miner
2005 - Joey Edmonds
2003 - MaryJo Mertens
1999 - Jeanne Dunay
1999 - I.B. Dent
1997 - William Brattain
1997 - Frank Harris
1997 - Barbara Hubbard
1996 - Steve Slagle
1993 - Lee McDonald
1990 - Earl Williams
1989 - Ron Robinson
1986 - Roberta Applegate
1985 - Brennan Fitzgerald
1984 - Charles Witten
1979 - Bud Goldstein
1976 - Mary Ashby