Campus Legend Award

The Campus Legend Award was established to honor and acknowledge the Associate Members of NACA who have demonstrated long-standing commitment to college and university campus entertainment. The honorees are among those Associate Members who have made a lasting impact in the realm of campus activities and college and university edu-tainment, without the advantage of the Hollywood notoriety.


  • An Associate Member of NACA who has demonstrated staying power and booking ability at NACA member institutions.

CRITERIA The Board of Directors will select, by majority vote, Associate Members (individuals or agencies) who: 

  • Have had uninterrupted NACA membership for at least 7 years 
  • May have served in NACA volunteer roles

Nominees may be self-nominated, nominated by a colleague, or nominated by a school member. To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form and include the following as attachments:

  • Cover letter addressing why the candidate should be considered
  • Additional supporting materials (i.e. letters, publicity, newspaper reviews, recognition, etc.). may be included.

Nomination Deadline: November 1

Past Award Recipients

2024 - Kate Magill
2023 - Scott Bass
2022 - Melissa Beer
2022 - Craig Karges
2021 - Eric O'Shea
2021 - Ronnie Jordan
2020 - Jason LeVasseur
2020 - Rudy Currence
2018 - Joey Edmonds