Legacy Award

The Legacy Award was created in honor of NACA's 50th Anniversary. The award provides a year of NACA professional development opportunities for up to two NACA leaders who have the potential to serve the Association at a significant level for a significant period of time.

It is the intent of this program to recognize up to two individuals who would take advantage of the professional development opportunities listed below within a fiscal year. The registration fee for each of these events would be provided complimentary by NACA during that year. Any additional fees not covered by NACA would be the responsibility of the award winner.

The winners would receive complimentary registration to:

  • Either one NACA Conference or NACA Live
  • One NACA Institute


  • Professional staff at NACA member school. 
  • Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by a colleague.
  • Up to two individuals may be recognized.

CRITERIA The Awards Committee will select, by majority vote, one individual or individuals who: 

  • Has served NACA in multiple previous roles as a volunteer 
  • Demonstrates future volunteer aspirations within the Association 

To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form and include the following as attachments:

  • Cover letter addressing why the candidate should be considered 
  • List of past recognized volunteer experiences within NACA
    • The NACA office can provide a list of NACA volunteer roles upon request.
  • Goal sheet addressing future personal volunteer aspirations with NACA 
  • Résumé with a list of references. 
  • Letter of support from the candidate’s institution 
  • Optional: Additional supporting materials (i.e. letters, publicity, newspaper reviews, recognition, etc.). may be included.

Nomination Deadline: November 1

Past Award Recipients

2024 - Quantá Taylor
2023 - Joe Benyish
2020 - Randy Flowers
2018 - Melanie Bullock
2018 - Pete Erschen
2017 - Joshua Brandfon
2016 - Peter Pereira
2015 - Courtney James

2014 - Natalie Keller Pariano
2013 - Jessica Douglas
2012 - Stephanie Fiely
2012 - Shanna Kinzel
2011 - Stacey Sottung
2011 - Matt Miller
2010 - Brian Gardner