Frank Harris Outstanding Student Government Advisor Award

The Frank Harris Outstanding Student Government Advisor Award honors the first Chair of the NACA Board of Directors. Frank Harris, who served as Chair from 1968-1969, advised student government associations throughout his professional tenure until his retirement in 1997. This annual award recognizes individuals who have the commitment to challenge and advise student government.


  • Professional staff school member. The nominee must be employed by a current NACA member institution and currently serve as an advisor to student government (for at least nine months).

Any NACA student or staff member may submit nominations.

CRITERIA The Awards Committee will select, by majority vote, one individual who: 

  • Is recognized as someone who has worked closely with student governments 
  • Displays genuine support and regard for students and their issues
  • Is viewed by colleagues as an educator
  • Has had an extraordinary impact on students’ lives and has earned their respect. 

To nominate an individual, please complete the online award form and include the following as attachments: 

  • Letter of nomination from the student government association of the nominee's school
  • Letter of nomination from a former student of the nominee
  • Letter of nomination from a fellow staff member
  • Optional: Additional supporting materials (i.e. letters, publicity, newspaper reviews, recognition, etc.). may be included.

Nomination Deadline: November 1

Past Award Recipients

2024 - Stephen Rogers
2023 - Gary Manka
2022 - Tim Johnson
2021 - Anne Michelle Harper Kowalczyk
2020 - Shana Meyer
2019 - Jaime Ingrisano
2018 - Megan Habermann
2017 - Amy Mynaugh
2016 - Keegan Nichols
2015 - Regina Young Hyatt
2014 - Gregory Clement
2013 - Berri Cross
2012 - Daniel Ashlock
2011 - Colleen Barker-Williamson
2010 - Khushnur Dadabhoy
2009 - Sean Adams
2008 - Marilyn Prime
2006 - James Griesen
2004 - Morolake Laosebikan-Buggs
2001 - Ahmed Samaha
1999 - Elizabeth Page