Individual - Outstanding Diversity Achievement Award

The Outstanding Diversity Achievement Award-Individual was established to recognize individuals at NACA member institutions that positively contribute to the development of programs and services promoting cultural diversity, understanding and/or awareness. These programs could be based at member institutions or within NACA.


  • Current full-time professional staff member at an NACA member institution.
  • Individuals can be nominated by others or can nominate themselves.

CRITERIA: The NACA Awards Committee will select, by majority vote, up to two recipients annually. Criteria for selection include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Individual's contribution and service to diverse populations
  • Individual's demonstrated record for enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within the general campus or NACA community
  • Quality and originality of programs and services developed and/or implemented by individual

Nomination materials should demonstrate that the individual has helped to accomplish at least two of the following additional criteria:

  • Fosters meaningful relationships between diverse student groups
  • Challenges stereotypical perceptions of diverse populations
  • Helps students learn to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds
  • Generates awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures

Nominees may be self-nominated, nominated by a colleague, or nominated by a school member. To nominate an individual, please complete the nomination form and include the following as attachments:

  • Letter of recommendation from the candidate's supervisor

  • Two letters of recommendation from colleagues/peers in the field

  • Optional: Additional supporting materials (i.e. letters, publicity, newspaper reviews, recognition, etc.). may be included.

Nomination Deadline: November 1

Past Award Recipients

2024 - Jarrick Brown
2023 - Megan Dufrane-Groose
2022 - Miriam Randall
2021 - Dasha Harris
2021 - Nicole Ausmer
2020 - Brittani Hunt
2020 - Travis Tucker
2019 - Latoya Muhammad

2019 - Anna Metzger
2018 - Monique Gore
2016 - Amber White
2013 - Lucy Croft
2012 - Lyndon Pryor
2011 - Gregory Clement
2010 - Reetha Perananamgam
2009 - Heidi Scheusner Leming