NACA® The Journal of Campus Activities Practice & Scholarship - Vol. 1, Issue 2 - Fall 2019
JCAPS: Volume 1, Issue 1

Individual articles from Volume 1, Issue 2

Translating a Dissertation to a Scholarly Publication: Words of Advice from the Journal Editorial Board

- JCAPS Editorial Board


Leadership Development through Campus Employment: Preparing a New Workforce

-Trisha Gott, Kansas State University

Old Whine, New Bottles: Understanding Historical Context Can Inform Our Current Narrative

-Michael Preston, Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities & Darren Pikul, Florida Atlantic University

Developing Employability Skill Articulation in College Students: A Framework and Practitioner Approaches for Co-curricular Educators

-Bradley C. Kovalcik, Point Park University (PA)


Social Connections Matter: A Look into New Student Affairs Professional Wellness and Attrition Intentions

- Zeak Naifeh, Cameron University (OK)

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