NACA® Hall of Fame - 2022 - Raining Jane

Raining Jane is Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Chaska Potter, and Mona Tavakoli. The four have been making music together and making a social impact for two decades, releasing four albums independently, collaborating extensively with Jason Mraz, touring the globe, and co-founding a music education non-profit.

Raining Jane started out by performing at small venues in L.A. They soon moved on to prominence in the national college market, and opened for Sara Bareilles on tour. Self-booked and self-managed, they cut their teeth by criss-crossing the US in their van and trailer, playing 120 shows annually and coming into their own musically during this time. It was at a college show in 2006 when Raining Jane met Jason Mraz, marking the beginning of a new collaboration.

Instant musical alchemy and deep philosophical kinship have led Raining Jane and Jason Mraz to amass an ever-growing catalog of co-written songs, starting with “A Beautiful Mess” released in 2008, to 2014's Yes! featuring 11 co-writes (including "Love Someone"), to the certified Gold single "Have It All" from 2018, and several co-writes on Mraz's 2020 album, Look For The Good.

Raining Jane is a mission-driven band, here to make music and facilitate the joy and healing power of music-making in community. They've been involved in many social impact projects over the years, including co-founding Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls L.A., a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls and gender expansive youth through music.


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