NACA Riverside

Apply for the NACA Riverside Awards!
Deadline: Nov. 15


Most Spirited Delegation

  • Awarded to the school that exhibits excellence in spirit. Nominations should address how this school
    displayed spirit at the conference.

Marketing Competition
One submission per category, per institution.

Judging Criteria Suggestions

  • Quality - the degree of excellence of the submission (ex: precision, accuracy, cleanliness, craftsmanship, flow)
  • Aesthetic - the visual appeal of the submission (ex: color scheme, layout/use of space, shapes, balance, scale, timing). Designs should be eye catching and attention grabbing.
  • Creativity - the use of imagination and original ideas (ex: new, fresh, and/or interesting perspective) Designs should be creative and unique. For example, a design that people might not see every day and a design that people will remember.
  • Impact - the effect of the submission on the viewer (ex: aligns with submission category, fulfills intended purpose, communicates vision, clarity & effectiveness of message). All submissions should include all necessary event information (who, what, where, when)


  • Promotional Items – Pens, cups, water bottles, keychains, etc. (in-person competition)
  • Apparel – T-shirts, hats, etc. (in-person competition)
  • Social Media Campaign – Promotional campaign of a specific event or your organization as a whole.
  • Video/Animation – Promotional/instructional videos, animated GIFs, etc.
  • Logo Design- A logo that contains the name of your campus programming board. The logo could be for your campus programming board or an event.
  • Poster/flyer - A multi-color poster or flyer that has two or more colors in addition to the base color of the poster and details an event on your campus.