08 Oct 2020

NACA Statement Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Education

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) strives to empower members “to create college communities where everyone belongs.” Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core tenets of the Association. NACA recognizes the diversity of all its members and supports the development and implementation of programs and services that achieve this goal. In 2016, the Association adopted Statements on Diversity and Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Action Principles. In 2017, the Association identified a need to equip professionals to impact social justice and advocate for diversity and inclusion in its 2017-20 strategic plan and established the Competencies for Diversity & Inclusion.

Regarding White House Executive Order 13950 “Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping,” the Association does not prescribe specific theoretical frameworks or methods for diversity, equity and inclusion education, but our competencies speak to:

  • Recognizing that individuals have multiple and intersecting identities, differing lived experiences, and varying perspectives and are not solely defined by any one of these;
  • Understanding how we interact with systems of oppression, privilege, and power;
  • Demonstrating awareness of inequitable and oppressive ways that laws and policies are enacted on vulnerable populations; and,
  • Ensuring individuals have opportunities to engage in a variety of activities including and beyond those associated with their identities.

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