NACA® Educational Sessions - Presentation Formats

Overview of Presentation Formats

Career Readiness – Workshops allow presenters to share insights that provide skills concerning undergraduate/graduate career readiness. This session should blend presented information and active participation and reflect ideas presented within the NACA® Employability Skills Assessment.

Competency Building – These sessions provide learning around one or more competencies listed in Competencies for Campus Activities Professionals and/or Competencies for Diversity & Inclusion and/or the Competency Guide for College Student Leaders.


Panel – a diverse exploration of a particular topic, with insight given from professionals from different member institutions/organizations. Submissions should describe the proposed topic and panel members should represent different institutions and viewpoints and challenge the audience to think broadly about issues and ideas in campus activities. If selected, the coordinating presenter is responsible for arranging the panelists.


Scholar’s Corner - an opportunity to share and highlight the scholarly pursuits of campus activities professionals, either through the sharing of findings of published work via The Journal of Campus Activities Practice & Scholarship (JCAPS), research and scholarship grant recipients or through successfully defended dissertations. Selected presentations should align with the NACA Research Agenda.

Learning Levels

1. Introductory – Designed for those with limited exposure to or experience with the subject or those seeking to gain a better understanding of the subject’s foundation.

2. Functional – Designed for those with some experience that they are seeking to build on, apply, or enhance or those who want to learn more about the subject’s practical applications.

3. Advanced – Designed for those with substantial knowledge of the subject seeking to keep up with trends, technical details and high-impact practices to increase their level of expertise.

4. Expert – Designed by skilled, trained, experienced presenters to engage seasoned professionals in idea sharing, problem solving, and strategy.

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