NACA® Educational Sessions - Presentation Formats

Overview of Presentation Formats

Light Bulb – Format providing participants with information about a best practice or latest trend in some aspect of campus activities or student affairs

Give & Take – Format engaging participants in discussion about a particular topic of common interest to participants


Panel – Format featuring moderated discussion among a small group of subject-matter experts with facilitated audience Q&A.


Deep Dive – Format providing in-depth discussion on a topic relevant to campus activities typically in a lecture format with some form of audience interaction, such as Q&A session throughout or after presentation, small-group discussions, audience polls, etc.  

Learning Levels

1. Introductory – Designed for those with limited exposure to or experience with the subject or those seeking to gain a better understanding of the subject’s foundation.

2. Functional – Designed for those with some experience that they are seeking to build on, apply, or enhance or those who want to learn more about the subject’s practical applications.

3. Advanced – Designed for those with substantial knowledge of the subject seeking to keep up with trends, technical details and high-impact practices to increase their level of expertise.

4. Expert – Designed by skilled, trained, experienced presenters to engage seasoned professionals in idea sharing, problem solving, and strategy.

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