NACA® Educational Sessions - Presentation Tips

Tips and Reminders for Successful NACA® Presentations

  1. Apple Devices: If you are using an Apple device or computer for your presentation, bring along your adaptor for LCD projectors. It will be needed in order to connect to the system correctly.
  2. Internet can be tricky: The convention center does have Wi-Fi, but with thousands of delegates, we cannot guarantee its strength. Bring a hot-spot, or download the videos and files you need before arriving at the conference.
  3. Respect the next presenter: Pay attention to the time so you allow the next presenter the full time for set-up. Some set-ups are simpler than others, but everyone deserves the opportunity to fully prepare themselves to do what you just completed!
  4. Determine the take-away message: People tend to only remember three to four points from a presentation.
  5. PowerPoint/Prezi, keep it simple: Slides/frames that are easy to read and understand are typically the most effective slides in the presentation. Charts and graphs should be easily interpreted. We suggest no more than five words per line and no more than five lines per slide. Striking contrasts in color between words, graphics, and the background are more appealing to the human eye.
  6. Respect the audience: Your message is further engaged in the audience’s mind when they sense that you care for them as audience members.
    1. Eye contact: maintain eye contact with the audience. Slowly move from person to person and occasionally hold the contact for a few seconds.
    2. Honesty: No one is perfect and all-knowing. When you don’t know an answer, admit it, offer to find out, and get back to the person.
    3. Save face: If you must disagree with an audience member, do so in a manner that allows the person to not feel shamed for their answer.
    4. Self-correction: If an audience member is not paying attention, simply by walking closer to them as you speak can force them to notice your proximity and stop the distraction.
    5. Challenge:  We are all attending the NACA® National Convention to learn something.  We understand that many of our delegates are students; however, that doesn’t mean they are not capable of grasping high-level concepts. We have delegates that are all at different levels of their experiences with campus activities, so make sure you create opportunities for delegates who attend your session(s) to expand their learning.
    6. Learning Styles: Everyone has different learning styles.  Try to create some variety in your session in order to cater to different learning styles.  For example, if you’re presenting a lecture style session, you don’t have to stick to the traditional lecture, activity, share, questions, wrap up outline.  Have some fun and mix it up a bit.
  7. Manage questions: Make sure to allow time within your slotted presentation time for questions. Thank audience members for their questions and praise them for good points. Anticipate questions that most likely will be asked and mentally prepare answers. After the last question, transition into your summary as to have the last piece of your presentation be your final sales pitch.

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