NACA® Educational Sessions - Educational Session Presenter Contract

  1. As the Coordinating Presenter, I recognize that I will receive all correspondence regarding this proposal. I will share all necessary communications with the co-presenters listed in my proposal. They have agreed to present this program if accepted. All participants recognize that they must register for the event.

  2. It is the responsibility of the coordinating presenter to obtain permission for use of all copyrighted materials. The presenters will indemnify and hold the National Association for Campus Activities harmless from and against any loss, expense (including attorney fees) or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright, trademark infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such materials.

  3. Educational program presenters for all NACA activities must comply with NACA's Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility and Civility Statement.

  4. Educational program presenters for all NACA activities are prohibited from proactively soliciting business during an educational program. This includes the distribution of brochures, business cards, pamphlets or biographies that state or indicate that the presenter is available for hire. Presenters are selected to share their expertise and every effort should be made to provide participants with a balanced educational experience.

  5. Educational program presenters for all NACA activities are prohibited from proactively utilizing their presentation of an educational session as a marketing tool for their product, either before, during or after the presentation of the educational session. This prohibits promotion of the presentation of the educational session.

  6. Educational program presenters for all NACA activities are encouraged to provide appropriate program-specific handouts, and to upload any handouts or slides to ENCORE, NACA’s digital library.

  7. Educational program presenters for all NACA activities will not be eligible to receive reimbursements for any of their expenses unless otherwise allowed under NACA policy.

  8. All educational program moderators/presenters must be registered delegates at the national convention/conference (the only exception to this is guests who have been invited by the Conference Committee to present using a complimentary day pass). As a reminder to associate members, all businesses/agencies attending the conference/convention must also purchase a booth in the Campus Activities Marketplace.

  9. Presenters cannot showcase or be an alternate in any showcase category and present educational sessions marketed to school member professional staff and/or students during the same event. Upon notification of acceptance of both showcase and educational sessions, the presenter must choose the type of venue preferred and notify the NACA Office within 10 days of the announcement of showcase selection or educational session acceptance, whichever comes later in the timeline. Associate members will be allowed to showcase and present an educational session if the latter is designed and intended for associate members only.

  10. No forms of hypnosis may be used in any educational session.

  11. Presenters cannot hand out food/candy or stickers due to regulations enforced by the conference facility.

  12. NACA is not responsible for any equipment the presenter chooses to bring in order to present or enhance the presentation.

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