NACA® Diversity & Inclusion Resources - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

NACA Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The National Association for Campus Activities is committed to creating an engaging environment that empowers members to intentionally center diversity, equity, and inclusion. We integrate and advance equitable and inclusive opportunities to create college communities where everyone belongs.

NACA commits to:

  • Enhancing member learning experiences through programs and resources that will increase awareness of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusivity
  • Creating resources and building a foundation that members can use to facilitate programs and conversations on both individual and organizational levels
  • Implementing internal and external practices to advance accessibility, equity, and social justice through innovative programming, events, and research

Non-Discrimination, Diversity Advancement and Affirmative Action Principles

NACA is committed to advancing diversity development and the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action through its respective programs, services and volunteer involvement. To ensure compliance with these principles, the organization will:

  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, economic status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ethnic background or disability in any of its policies, procedures or practices.
  • Promote vigorous efforts to enhance, develop and increase a diverse volunteer pool in all areas of the Association.
  • Actively promote diversity in its programs and services.
  • Expect all volunteers and NACA® Office staff to consistently display sensitivity to diversity and the principles of affirmative action.
  • Promote the importance of eliminating discriminatory and/or culturally insensitive language, behavior and content from NACA-sponsored activities and will urge all members and guests of the Association to cooperate in this effort. There is no intent to support censorship. The purpose is to induce thought and advance planning in an effort to ensure that showcase performances, Campus Activities Marketplace displays, educational sessions and other NACA-sponsored activities reflect appropriate diversity and sensitivity in their plans and actions.

Key Resources

This page will serve as a repository for diversity and inclusion programs, resources, and services and will be updated regularly.