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Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

DJ Alternates

  1. Dj Pdogg - Paravel Management

Make It & Take Its Alternates

  1. Lester & Susan Balloons and Body Art - Everything But the Mime

Master of Ceremonies Alternates

  1. Daniel Martin - Bass/Schuler Entertainment
  2. Jahman Hill - OnCampusText
  3. Jason LeVasseur - Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Project®
  4. Derrick Knopsnyder - Neon Entertainment
  5. Morgan Jay - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.

Speaker Alternates

  1. Can I really make a difference? - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.
  2. David Zach - Brave Enough Entertainment
  3. S.C. Says - Brave Enough Entertainment

Spotlight High Alternates

  1. Austin Cain - Brave Enough Entertainment
  2. Emma Jude - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.
  3. Melissa McGillicuddy - The College Agency
  4. Gospel Lee - The College Agency
  5. Josh McVicar Comedy Hypnosis - Metropolis Management & Entertainment Group
  6. Benj Heard Trio - Benj Heard
  7. Clark Beckham - DMS, Inc.

Trending Interactive Programs Alternates

  1. BoomBox Trivia - Degy Dance
  2. Truth or Laughs - Neon Entertainment

Variety Alternates

  1. The RGC Expirence - Degy Booking International

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