NACA® Conferences - Media Kit

To ensure the appropriate use of NACA® assets please refer to the ​NACA Brand + Style Guide before using any of the assets provided below. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of NACA's name and/or logos - or any other elements - to imply endorsement, affiliation, or for any other non-sanctioned purpose may result in disciplinary actions.

  • To download an individual logo: 
    • Click on an image to open the logo in a new window
    • Right click and select "save image as" to download 
  • To download all .png and .eps files for a logo set:
    • Click on the .zip file under the logo set name

Note - the grey background for the white logos is only to assist with visibility and not a part of the actual logos.

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Primary NACA® Logos

Primary NACA® files (.png & .eps)


Alternate NACA® Logos

Alternate NACA® files (.png & .eps)

NACA® St. Paul Logos

NACA® St. Paul files (.png & .eps)

NACA® Live Logos

NACA® Live files (.png & .eps)

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