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Spotlight High

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Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

Master of Ceremonies Alternates

  1. Jay Light - Kirkland Productions & KP Comedy
  2. John Rotellini - Neon Entertainment
  3. Jonathan Burns - Degy Booking International
  4. Alex Babbitt - Neon Entertainment

Speaker Alternates

  1. Freedom Dreams: A Formula for Justice - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.
  2. Samantha Smith - The College Agency
  3. From the Streets to the Stage - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.

Spotlight High Alternates

  1. Ben Palmer - Kirkland Productions & KP Comedy
  2. FreeQuency - Developing Artist Booking, LLC
  3. Neil Hilborn - The College Agency
  4. I.N.K. - Neon Entertainment
  5. Ray Singleton - ACW Entertainment, LLC.

Spotlight Low Alternates

  1. JD Eicher - Five Points Entertainment LLC

Variety Alternates

  1. Headphone Disco - MULTIPLE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE - Degy Dance
  2. Comedian Magician Ben Seidman - Summit Comedy, Inc.
  3. The Rudos - Brian Rudo
  4. Dale K-Comedy Hypnotist - Rubber Room Productions, Inc.
  5. Trigg Watson - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.

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