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Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

Game Shows Alternates

  1. Virtual Choose Your Own Game Show - Neon Entertainment
  2. BoomBox Trivia - Degy Dance

Master of Ceremonies Alternates

  1. Lady Caress - Neon Entertainment
  2. Shannon Bacchus - Rose Entertainment Group

Speaker Alternates

  1. Sex Rules - Rose Entertainment Group
  2. Chris Singleton - Brave Enough Entertainment
  3. Zaylore Stout - The College Agency

Spotlight Alternates

  1. Free DAPs (2 Teams Available) - Degy Booking International
  2. Benj Heard Trio - Benj Heard
  3. The Evasons - Psychic Mentalist Duo - Rubber Room Productions, Inc.
  4. Rayvon Owen - Developing Artist Booking, LLC
  5. Tyler Fowler - Rose Entertainment Group
  6. Lafayette Wright - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.
  7. Gospel Lee - The College Agency
  8. Nick Courmon - The College Agency
  9. Lauren Light - Brave Enough Entertainment

Variety Alternates

  1. Eric Dittelman - Rebelle Events
  2. Wayne Hoffman Mentalist & Illusionist - Hoffman Entertainment

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