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Master of Ceremonies


Spotlight High

Spotlight Low



Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

Master of Ceremonies Alternates

  1. Daniel Martin - Bass/Schuler Entertainment
  2. Ivan Pecel - DMS, Inc.
  3. Adam Grabowski #SAYITANYWAY - Adam Grabowski Entertainment

Speaker Alternates

  1. From the Streets to the Stage - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.
  2. A Day with Dr. J - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.

Spotlight High Alternates

  1. Francisco Ramos - Summit Comedy, Inc.
  2. I.N.K. - Neon Entertainment
  3. Alejandro Jimenez - The College Agency
  4. Armando Anto - Metropolis Management & Entertainment Group

Spotlight Low Alternates

  1. Asia - Degy Booking International
  2. Julian Fernandez - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.
  3. Sean Ridgeway - Neon Entertainment
  4. Nick Courmon - The College Agency
  5. Comedian TJ - ACW Entertainment, LLC.

Variety Alternates

  1. Dale K-Comedy Hypnotist - Rubber Room Productions, Inc.
  2. Eric Dittelman - Rebelle Events
  3. Headphone Disco - MULTIPLE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE - Degy Dance

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