Undergraduate Scholarships

The NACA® Foundation offers numerous scholarships that are available to undergraduate students on an annual basis. Scholarship nominations are solicited each year. However, awards will only be made when the specific scholarship fund is above the designated minimum established. Undergraduate scholarship applications typically open in August and are due by Nov. 30 each year, but some scholarships' deadlines vary.

Questions may be directed to [email protected]

Not Currently Open:

  • Alan Davis Scholarship (all regions)
  • Harris Goldberg Memorial Scholarship (all regions)
  • Silver Anniversary Scholarships for Student Leaders (all regions)
  • Central Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA Central)
  • Markley Scholarship (NACA Central)
  • Joseph D. Giamapapa Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA Mid America & Mid Atlantic)
  • Tese Caldarelli Memorial Scholarship (NACA Mid America & Mid Atlantic)
  • Zagunis Student Leader Scholarship (NACA Mid America & Mid Atlantic)
  • NACA Mid Atlantic Higher Education Research Scholarship (NACA Mid Atlantic)
  • NACA Mid Atlantic Undergraduate Scholarship (NACA Mid Atlantic)
  • Thomas Matthews Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA Mid Atlantic)
  • Northeast Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA Northeast)
  • Kenneth M. Bedini Student Leader Award (NACA Northeast)
  • NACA Northern Plains Regional Student Leadership Scholarship (NACA Northern Plains)
  • Northern Plains & Central Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA Northern Plains & NACA Central)
  • South Scholarship for Student Leaders (NACA South)
  • Lori Rhett Memorial Scholarship (NACA West)

Application Instructions

  • Only ELECTRONIC applications and supporting documents submitted through the online scholarship application will be accepted.
  • We will not accept any materials via mail, email or fax. Any materials received through these methods will be disregarded.
  • Online applications will NOT be accepted if all of the supporting documents are not attached. Transcripts and letters of support do NOT need to be officially sealed.
  • Note: High school students (including graduating seniors) are NOT eligible for these scholarships.
  • Many of these scholarships are region specific, as indicated in parenthesis after the scholarship name. If you are unsure of which region you are in, consult the NACA Regional Map.