NACA® Webinars - Peer Affinity Chats
NACA Peer Affinity Chats

Are you a new professional looking to connect on a monthly basis with fellow new professionals? A mid-level manager who would like to share best practices for supervision and management with fellow managers? A student leader trying to navigate the challenges of leading your peers during this pandemic who’d like to get ideas from student leaders at other campuses? A graduate student juggling your coursework, assistantship, and job search who could benefit from fellow graduate student understanding and support?

NACA is launching a new NACA Chat series called Peer Affinity Chats (PACs) for mid-level managers, new professionals, graduate students, and student leaders to connect, network, and support one another.

Each of these PACs will meet on the same Thursday each month at 4:00 p.m. ET (see schedule below) as we strive to provide you more opportunities to develop meaningful connections with your peers and colleagues. We encourage you to #FindYourPAC with NACA.

Monthly Schedule

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion "DiversiTEA" (1st Thursday of each month)
  • New Professionals (2nd Thursday of each month)
  • Mid-Level Managers (3rd Thursday of each month)

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