NACA® Webinars - 212° F - Hot Topics on Campus

212° F – When Campus Hot Topics Reach Their Boiling Point

Hot Topics on Campus

As professionals, we know when a topic is rolling toward its boiling point (212° Fahrenheit). Sometimes social issues on your campus just can’t wait for a panel discussion at your next conference. Sometimes you want to confer with your fellow colleagues in hasty fashion. Hot topics like protests, inclusion, and infringement on students’ rights - these will be the focus of a regularly scheduled moderated discussion held on Fridays (as needed). Hosted virtually by NACA and more interactive than a webinar, these open forums are the perfect place to discuss how other campuses are reacting and strategize best practices for your own.

Got a burning topic on your campus? Send a 212° F hot topic suggestion to Kayla Brennan.

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