NACA® Live - Showcase Descriptions

Spotlight High and Low

Spotlight Low showcases include musical attractions, comedy, novelty and other artists. Each attraction has 10 minutes to perform. Thirteen attractions whose isolated price is no more than $1,500 are selected for this showcase. Block prices must include travel. Isolated date prices may be exclusive of travel.

Spotlight High showcases include 27 musical attractions, comedy, novelty and other artists. Each attraction has 10 minutes to perform.

Learning Live

Learning Live is formatted round robin style. The lecturer will perform three times at 20 minutes each. Delegates will be able to see three lectures within this block. A lecturer may take questions from the audience or conduct a question-and-answer session within the 20-minute session. Pianos will not be provided for Lecture showcases. These will be held in session rooms. Screen and projectors are provided upon request.

Master of Ceremonies

Eight performers are selected to introduce each showcase performance and to entertain the audience between acts. Through comedy, music or magic, emcee attractions strengthen the overall showcase presentation and are allotted 25 minutes of Performance time for the showcase to display their unique talents

Roving Artist

This freeform showcase can show off any kind of novelty, variety or musical talent. Artists selected for this showcase perform in designated areas within the event facility. Three Roving Artist will be scheduled for the day. 1 Experiential, 1 Novelty and 1 Music)

Variety Showcase

Variety showcases are a 20-minute showcase. There will be three variety showcases. These showcases are intended for acts such as magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, mind readers, etc.


This showcase is designated for DJs to open up the showcase and bring energy to the crowd. There are two DJ showcases with 20 minutes of performance time.

Band Royale

The Band Royale showcase is for musical bands of any genre. There will be four bands, each with 15 minutes of performance time.


The Coffeehouse showcase if designated for acoustic acts, spoken word acts, etc. Acts that can provide a coffeehouse atmosphere for the delegates.

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