NACA® Live - Tips and Tricks for Doing Business at NACA® Live

Before Arriving

Research showcasing acts ahead of time. Review NACA® 24/7 before you arrive so you are familiar with peer reviews, calendars and information on who will be showcasing. This is especially helpful if your entire board is not able to attend. Make a shareable spreadsheet so your board can rank or share feedback on the artists before the event. If the on-site delegates like the artist, they already have useful feedback from the entire board and can potentially submit an interest form or build a block with other interested schools.

Be prepared. Know your school’s budget, ability to commit to dates, calendar needs and availability, technical limitations and your campus culture. This will help you book relevant entertainment that will be successful once you return to campus. Bringing a paper version of your calendar with important dates like school closings and campus traditions is extremely helpful.


On Site

Join in the virtual conversation at registration check-in. We encourage everyone who makes business decisions to be a part of the conversation on GroupMe. We will use this as an additional platform to do business throughout NACA® Live. It’s a great way to discuss interest with other schools outside the officially scheduled caucus times. Once others know your school’s interests, everyone can “meet up” during scheduled business caucus times to finalize blocks.

Attend the How to Do Business at NACA session on Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in the Bellco Theatre. The session is offered to all NACA® Live delegates because its important everyone be familiar with the information to be shared. Because business is infused throughout the NACA® Live experience, this session will help school members learn the many ways they can do productive business in Denver. Learn from experts about the best ways to leverage your business skills during showcases, Marketplaces and Block Booking.

Stop by the Business Hub, located in the heart of the Campus Activities Marketplace. The Block Booking Team will be there to answer any questions you have about NACA® 24/7 and to help facilitate business among schools and associates. Be sure to check out the Business Hub schedule, which will include special caucus hours, breakout meetings and trainings, so you know what times you should be in the Business Hub throughout NACA® Live. 

Submit interest forms and save money. To be guaranteed published NACA® Live pricing, you need to submit a form at any level on site. After NACA® Live concludes, published pricing will be good for 45 days. If your institution does not submit any business via NACA® 24/7 while you’re on site, associates are not required to give special event pricing. 

Have fun! Doing Business at NACA is meant to be a collaborative buying experience. You should have fun networking with other schools and associates. You should enjoy helping everyone save money. 

New this year: The first 72 schools to form blocks will receive a special gift in the Business Hub! 

Remember, the more money you save, the more money you have to do other fun things on your campus!

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