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Which Membership is Right for You?

NACA® membership is classified by three distinct member types: School, Associate and Affiliate. Rates within each category will vary based on several factors. The following summaries will help determine which type of membership is right for you:


  • You promote or represent lecturers, bands or any other performing artist
  • You're a self-represented artist or performer
  • You sell, market or promote programs, services and products in the college market
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  • You’re not a college or university, but you want to buy entertainment, or if you would like to have your information distributed to NACA® members
  • You’re a prep school, cruise line, military school, etc.
  • You’re a non-profit organization whose services, products or programs are related to campus activities
  • You’re a non-profit organization who wants to promote your mission to colleges and universities
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  • You're a campus activities professional
  • You're a college student involved with campus activities
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The NACA® membership year is May 1-April 30, regardless of join date.

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