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Make It & Take Its

Master of Ceremonies


Spotlight High

Spotlight Low



Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

DJ Alternates

  1. Throwback Time Machine Dance Party - Degy Dance

Master of Ceremonies Alternates

  1. Derrick Knopsnyder - Neon Entertainment
  2. John Rotellini - Neon Entertainment

Speaker Alternates

  1. Can I really make a difference? - The Contemporary Issues Agency, Inc.
  2. Rain Dove - The College Agency

Spotlight High Alternates

  1. The Evasons - Psychic Mentalist Duo - Rubber Room Productions, Inc.
  2. Lisa Heller - Concert Ideas, Inc.
  3. Nate Jackson - Jus' Wiggin Entertainment

Spotlight Low Alternates

  1. Stephen Agyei - Kirkland Productions & KP Comedy
  2. Alex Ahn Violin - Degy Booking International
  3. Sean Ridgeway - Neon Entertainment
  4. Alto Moon - DMS, Inc.

Variety Alternates

  1. Trigg Watson - Sophie K. Entertainment, Inc.
  2. Trent James - The College Agency
  3. Campus Escapes - Kirkland Productions & KP Comedy

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