NACA BLOG - What’s New with Summer Series? - 4/14/2021

 April 14, 2021
Sarah Keeling, Ph.D.
NACA Director of Education & Research

Last summer, we created the NACA® Summer Series as a way to replace our traditional summer institutes. We learned that members enjoyed a virtual, more affordable option. Moving forward, we plan to offer a combination of Institutes (next summer!) and Summer Series.

The 2021 Summer Series offers three new weeks – Board Development, Traditions, and Assessment and new curriculum for all of the weeks. Each week, with the exception of Assessment Week, is designed for both students and professional staff. All participants will receive at least 5 to 7 hours of content per week based on the learning outcomes specifically developed for the week. The Series provides schools with opportunities to train their incoming boards and student leaders as well as delivering professional development opportunities for staff.

Each week is scaffolded and may include group projects or activities. That means that registrations cannot be shared. However, a school may purchase a Series Pass and send a different person to each week. A detailed list of topics and schedules will be released in early May, but check out the sneak peek below. Registration is already open.

  • Leadership Week – attendees discover their personal leadership styles and how those styles connect to the work they do. (Week of 6/1/21) 
  • Board Development Week – boards work to build more cohesive teams, foster organizational development, and works towards common goals. (Week of 6/7/21)
  • Programming Week – participants learn the nuts and bolts of programming and how to program different types of events. (Week of 6/14/21)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Week – attendees learn to integrate DEI into their campuses and reflect upon their own identities. (Week of 6/28/21)
  • Traditions Week – attendees take a deep dive into traditional programs and fostering the collaborations on and off campus that make those programs possible. (Week of 7/5/21)
  • Marketing Week – participants learn the fundamentals of marketing and communication and explore creative and innovative techniques. (Week of 7/12/21)
  • Student Government Week – attendees explore nuts and bolts of student government, the role of student government on campus and beyond, and the responsible stewardship of resources. (Week of 7/19/21)
  • Assessment Week – professional staff take a deep dive into assessment by creating a comprehensive assessment plan and learning how to create a culture of assessment. (Week of 7/26/21; professional staff only)

Members: $149 for the first week, $99 for additional purchases at the same institution, per week; OR $999 for the first purchase of the 8-week series, $799 for additional purchases of the series at the same institution. 
Non-members: $299 per week; OR $1999 for the 8-week series

We cannot wait for you to participate!

Sarah Keeling, Ph.D. serves as director of Education & Research for the National Association for Campus Activities and has over 20 years of higher education experience. Her Ph.D. in higher education administration is from the University of South Carolina. 

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