NACA BLOG - Thinking Ahead: Considerations for Spring 2022 - 1/13/2022

Jan. 13, 2022
Jameson Root & Leah Eickhoff 
National Association for Campus Activities

In the third installment of “Thinking Ahead,” NACA is looking into the future and the considerations higher education leaders and Campus Activities professionals should think about as they begin a new year. You can access the “Thinking Ahead: Considerations for Spring 2022” resource in ENCORE, our digital resource library.

This past year, the higher education field saw an increase in staff member departures resulting in difficulty filling vacant positions, inability to effectively transition responsibilities, and strain on remaining team members. Many campuses continue to face all these challenges. With the ongoing COVID-19 variants, campus communities and professionals may need to once again plan multiple scenarios that reduce the number of attendees, offer virtual options, and increase physical distancing. For those professionals who are also supervising staff, there are some unique considerations to think about as their teams navigate the spring and plan for the future.

This resource, as with its predecessors, is aimed at helping you think about how to prepare for and adapt to emerging campus programmatic trends in 2022. The questions posed can be utilized for personal reflection and advocacy, department conversations, and/or student dialogue.

The following questions are further explored throughout this resource: 

  • What conversations do you need to engage in regarding the on-going effects of “The Great Resignation” within your division, department, unit, or team? 
  • How are you preparing for the potential for a “Great Restructure” within higher education as campuses have difficulty filling vacant roles? 
  • What steps are you taking as a supervisor/department head regarding staffing, onboarding, and transitioning, as well as the mental health and well-being of both students and staff? 
  • In what ways can you advocate for yourself, department staff, and graduate and undergraduate students? 
  • How are the ongoing effects of “The Great Resignation” impacting diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and social justice in your campus communities? 
  • What will the activities landscape look like throughout 2022? How might that shift/change if additional COVID-19 variants arise? 
  • How does your work advising students and/or student organizations need to adapt or evolve amid the ongoing effects of the pandemic? 
  • How are you preparing yourself to leave or enter a new role, onboard a new team member, or take on additional responsibilities?  

Jameson Root is the chief operating officer and Leah Eickhoff is the education & research coordinator at the National Association for Campus Activities. Together, they have nearly 35 years of experience in and around the higher education industry. 
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