NACA BLOG - Learning at NACA® Virtual - 9/9/2020
Learning at NACA Virtual

Sarah Keeling, Ph.D.
NACA Director of Education & Research

I hope that you are getting settled into the "new normal" of campus life. As you take a breath and start to look forward to the fall I hope you are considering attending one (or both) of the NACA® Virtual conferences. The educational opportunities available at NACA® Virtual for not only undergradaute students, but also graduate students and professional staff, provide a valuable return on investment for schools.

The #TrendingNow sessions will cover topics that are on the forefront of campus life. Some of these sessions will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on campuses and the creativity and ingenuity of folks who continue to engage students. We will also go Behind the Scenes where school members share information about successful virtual events. We know you are may be Zoomed out. NACA Staff and volunteers were Zooming on the regular even prior to the pandemic, so we get it! The Socio platform will use a combination of your computer and your phone to provide a more interactive experience. In addition, some sessions will be labeled as Learning Unleashed, which means there will only be an audio component to the ed session. Take us with you on your daily walk while you learn! We have also curated a selection of Deep Dive sessions. Deep Dives are longer sessions focused around the areas of management and supervision, diversity, programming, and student organization development.

Each NACA® Virtual will feature a Deep Dive session that will provide a brave space to talk about race. These sessions will touch on some of the topics dicussed in Ijeoma Oluo's book So You Want to Talk About Race, such as intersectionality, the school-to-prison pipeline, and microaggressions (reading the book is encouraged, but not required).

NACA® Virtual will have a variety of edcuational offerings for everyone – from the new student leader to the more seasoned professional staff. We know budgets are tight and are offering a free registration for a professional staff member who registers nine students for NACA® Virtual and the NACA® Foundation has created a professional development scholarship that can be used for participation in these conferences.

Sarah Keeling, Ph.D. serves as director of Education & Research for the National Association for Campus Activities and has over 20 years of higher education experience. Her Ph.D. in higher education administration is from the University of South Carolina.

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