NACA BLOG - NACA® Virtual Business Hub = Your Personal Booking Concierge - 9/29/2020

Sept. 29, 2020​
Joe Benyish, Salisbury University (MD)
Torie Vince, NACA Experience & Events Director

The Virtual Business Hub at the upcoming NACA® Virtual conferences is designed to help school members fix your programming problems. We know that right now you are booking for events that are in the next week or two rather than a semester ahead like you would do in a normal year. Perhaps you are struggling to put on your standard events and series in a hybrid/virtual model. Or maybe you and your board just don't quite know where to start. Here's where we will help. The Block Booking Team will be facilitating programmatic roundtables in our Virtual Business Hub on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You can "sit" down with other school members and video chat at tables with set topics to share ideas and brainstorm programs. Learn what other schools are doing well and what's not working so well. The Block Booking Team will be there to help you and your program board members talk through ideas and also connect you to associate members that can offer live entertainment, products and services to make your programs come to life. Think of this team as your personal booking concierge for the entirety of the event! 

In addition, the team will be offering training and assistance on using NACA® 24/7, which is a membership directory that NACA school members can use to source entertainment, products and services, input interest forms, form cooperative buying blocks on talent to save money, and submit blind requests for services needed. This platform is your one stop shop for everything you need to put together all types of events.

Post NACA® Virtual, we will host two business meetings to help finalize any outstanding business. The meetings are scheduled on October 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET and October 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. MT. School members attending either weekend should plan to attend both meetings. Agencies will have an opportunity to share any pertinent information with the attendees, we will walk through any forms submitted through NACA® 24/7 for agencies exhibiting at either event so that you can form travel blocks with other schools to help save dollars, and we will provide schools the opportunity to talk with one another to help with business. Please note that we will not be running these like a traditional block booking meeting, so don't be surprised to see a new format! Since we have a lot of schools attending both NACA® Virtual conferences, we will be splitting the agencies alphabetically to help schools narrow down their business conversations. On October 15 we will discuss agencies A-L and on October 20 will discuss agencies M-Z. 

We are so excited to see you at NACA® Virtual and help you navigate this new programming normal! 

Saturday Business Hub Roundtable Topics - Offered at 10:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. (Eastern Time for Oct. 2-4 and Mountain Time for Oct. 9-11)

  • Signature Events - Find out how schools are creating or continuing great signature events that become annual traditional events for campus? Can you do these events virtually?
  • Series Events - Do you want to start a series of events (movies, Friday night series, etc.) or do you want to end your series event because it's not working? Come talk and share what works and what doesn't.
  • Virtual Programming - Discussion about what is working on your campus and what isn't.
  • Speakers/Lectures - Is attendance hard to get at speakers/lectures? How can you increase attendance, and how can you incentivize this kind of program? Can you work with other companies within NACA to make it more than just a talking event?
  • Live Events - Discuss how schools are planning and executing effective live events in person and virtually. This could include comedy, music, magic, hypnotism, etc.

Sunday Business Hub Roundtable Topics - Offered at 10:00 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. (Eastern Time for Oct. 2-4 and Mountain Time for Oct. 9-11)

  • DIY/How to Events - Discuss how schools are developing good Do-it-Yourself events (take and make) and other in person and virtual How To events (paint nights, how to draw superheroes, cooking events, etc.)
  • Homegrown Events - Discuss how to use your NACA resources to plan and execute a great homegrown event. How can you work with multiple companies to create an event that will leave students talking?
  • Virtual Programming - Discussion about what is working on your campus and what isn't.
  • Marketing & Promotions - How are you marketing your events? Do you offer cool giveaways, door prizes etc.? Do you have things that catch the eyes of your students? Come discuss what works on your campus and how NACA Associated can help you with this stuff!
  • Other Programming - Have questions or ideas that don't fit into one of the other categories? Great – let's chat and we can help you brainstorm!

Joe Benyish is the coordinator for student life at Salisbury University (MD) and serves as the National Block Booking Coordinator. Toire Vince is the Experience & Events director for the National Association for Campus Activities.

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