NACA BLOG - Supporting Campus Activism - 9/17/2020

​Sept. 17, 2020
Amber Shaverdi Huston, CAE
NACA Executive Director

Student activists have been a part of not only the American college history, but also our society. Campus activism has played a role in shaping our country and higher education. I find it enthralling that the impact of student activism has a history dating back to more than 500 years. Student activism has played pivotal roles in our history and truly created ripple effects that continue to be felt.

For generations students, staff, and faculty have pushed for changes to policies, practices, and how we treat one another. Personally, that's why I was drawn to working in higher education. Ideally, college campuses are places for exploration, experimenting, and freedom of thoughts. One could say that's the idealist in me. I truly do believe college campuses have been and can be one of the best environments to discover.

Are we in a renaissance of activism?

To support student and staff efforts in fighting for racial equality, NACA has enlisted the help of three activists and speakers you'll hear from at NACA® Virtual. Our keynote speakers are community activists, civil rights leaders, pursuers of equality, scholars, and most importantly, they walk the walk. We know you are hungry to engage in conversations that promote racial equity. The curriculum of NACA® Virtual is one effort in leading with our values and helping each of you be change agents. You may have heard of the book "So You Want to Talk about Race?" Leadership Fellows program graduates will be assisting with deep dives using chapters of the book. NACA is asking the higher education community to come together and leverage programming so that students and staff are equipped and position to lead.

Not only have changed the learning formats, but we've been incredibly intentional in topics and learning outcomes of each session. Sessions have been expanded to meet the needs of new, mid-level and director level staff. Learning is a lifelong adventure and NACA knows you need tactical solutions, right now! You are being asked to improve the community, troubleshoot, and support the holistic needs of students while also designing engaging programming, no easy feat. NACA will continue to be your professional home and a source of support & solutions.

NACA schools and members are ready to lead change and to do so, need support. We have and will continue to be an Association of action and an Association that leads.

Amber Shaverdi Huston, CAE is the executive director of the National Association for Campus Activities. Shaverdi Huston has over a decade of association management experience focusing on transforming operations and people through project management, process design, strategy and assessment.

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