NACA BLOG - Progress Through Cookies - 7/7/2021

​July 7, 2021
Brenda Baker
NACA Director of Finance & Administration

One of the things I enjoy when I am running errands on the weekends is listening to some of the fun shows on public radio. One such show that airs on Saturdays is called Live Wire. At the beginning of each show, the host and announcer each share their favorite news story of the week. Last Saturday one of those stories got me thinking about the vastly different ways different groups react to societal situations and events. There are some who fear the differences between themselves and other and then there are those who embrace and value our differences and realize we are one human family that should be lifting each other up instead of creating divisiveness.

The story started with a Facebook post honoring Pride Month from a bakery in Texas called Confections.

The message on their Facebook page read "Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here." And they added an image of heart shaped cookies beautifully decorated with rainbow colored frosting.

Following the post, Confections lost a significant number of Facebook followers, and a client who had placed a large order left a hateful message and canceled the order at the last minute, after the order had already been baked. In a follow up post, Confections wrote, "Honestly, I never thought a post that literally said, 'more love less hate,' would result in this kind of backlash to a very small business that is struggling to stay afloat and spread a little cheer through baked goods."

How very sad I felt after hearing that part of the story. But happier news was to come. The bakery posted on its Facebook page they had an over-abundance of cookies due to the canceled order and the next day there was a line of customers that stretched down the street and around the corner. When the baked goods sold out, customers continued to donate money, which Confections encouraged them to donate to local charitable organizations instead.

The reaction of those customers demonstrated more than just support for the local bakery. It also expanded more broadly to encompass the LGBTQ community. What started as a celebration of Pride Month ended with love and support, in spite of those who would seek to create divisions because of differences. It is a reminder of how far we have come as a society, but also how much further we have to go.

There are many stories like the one above. We should all take pride in the progress made by the LBGTQ+ community to exercise the right to equity and dignity so many take for granted and be a part of the progress to come.

Brenda Baker is the director of finance and administration at the National Association for Campus Activities. Baker has dedicated her 40-year career to managing associations' financial resources and services.

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