NACA BLOG - NACA Event Planning & Safety Resources - 6/11/2020
NACA Event Planning & Safety Resources

In a continuation of NACA's Thinking Ahead: Considerations for Fall Programming resource that was released at the beginning of May, the NACA Event Planning & Safety Resources Document is designed to assist the campus professional in determining their institution's requirements of events during different phases of COVID-19. While every institution is going to be in a different spot given their state, local, and campus guidelines, we have worked with campus professionals to develop this resource to assist you in thinking through the important aspects, considerations, and options for upcoming fall events.

The Event Planning & Safety Resources document is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Event Planning Checklist – designed to be a working tool to plan for different phases and requirements of events. A link to a Google Sheet version that you can copy/download and edit for your purposes is included.
  2. Sample Event Form – this is an example of an event form for students to fill out and submit that would be built on the requirements selected in the checklist part of the resource. A link to a Google Sheet version that you can copy/download and edit for your purposes is included.
  3. More Event Planning Resources – list of additional resources from organizations and institutions with sample room diagrams and setups for social distancing, risk assessment, sample safety signage, and other best practices.  

This resource is not intended to be exhaustive, we hope it will enhance the conversations and planning at your institution and provide ideas for continued conversations with your colleagues across NACA.

The NACA Encore digital library now includes a featured "COVID-19 Planning Resources" category so you can easily identity (highlighted in green and sortable by selected the category) these resources. Do you have additional COVID-19 planning resources to share? Consider submitting them to NACA Encore for review and to be made available to your colleagues.

The NACA Connect communities are a great place to continue the conversation on how your colleagues are approaching various fall programs and events. There are already a number of threads discussing how institutions are approaching fall programming.

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