NACA BLOG - Launching the NACA® Summer Series - 5/14/2020
NACA Summer Series

May 14, 2020
Sarah Keeling, Ph.D.
NACA Director of Education & Research

The NACA® Institutes have long been a summer staple for our members. NACA volunteer groups work hard each year to provide unique educational opportunities for institute participants. This year, the NACA Board of Directors even approved a new institute to center around diversity, equity and inclusion. With institutes moved under the purview of the NACA Education and Research department, NACA staff and dedicated volunteers were ready! And then, as we all know, everything changed.

When it became evident that we would not be able to have in-person events over the summer, we knew we needed to act quickly and make some tough decisions. We felt strongly that any virtual offering could not replicate the in-person experience of our institutes. Instead we decided to offer an eight-week educational program online. Almost every single institute staff volunteer agreed to help with the creation and facilitation of the new Summer Series. These dedicated volunteers and the NACA office are working hard to provide these opportunities to stay connected while we stay apart.

Staff and volunteers have had to be nimble, just as you have at your own institutions, thinking outside the box and taking risks. As an association we have to continue to provide high-quality events, experiences, and educational opportunities for our members. As we move through and beyond this unprecedented time, we all will have to learn to embrace change and take risks in order to remain relevant, exhibit our value, and continue to impact the education and lives of students.

Through live online sessions developed to hone skills, build connections, and engage in shared learning experiences, this eight-week series will provide campus professionals and students an opportunity to add value and impact to their campuses and to their résumés. The NACA® Summer Series schedule is below. Find out more at

Week of June 1: Concert Management

Week of June 8: Programming Board

Week of June 15: Marketing

Week of June 29: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Identity

Week of July 6: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Advocacy, Activism, & Allyship

Week of July 13: Student Government

Week of July 20: Leadership

Week of July 27: Esports

Sarah Keeling, Ph.D. serves as director of Education & Research for the National Association for Campus Activities and has over 20 years of higher education experience. Her dissertation, "The Influence of the CAS Standards on Academic Advising Programs That Utilize the Standards," received the Southern Association for College Student Affairs' Dissertation of the Year award.

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