NACA BLOG - Appreciating NACA Volunteers - 4/14/2022

NACA_Volunteers.png​April 14, 2022
Appreciating NACA Volunteers
Brenda Baker 
NACA Director of Finance & Administration  

National Volunteer Week is set aside each year to recognize and bring attention to the impact volunteers have on the work so many organizations do for the good of their communities. In fact, volunteers working alongside staff members make it possible to provide more impactful benefits to the constituencies and stakeholders of the organizations of which they are a part. This is no less true in the case of NACA’s volunteers, a diversified collection of dedicated and passionate professionals who work tirelessly to make NACA “the” association for campus activities professionals.  

Because my career has primarily been with non-profit organizations, I have long been familiar with how important volunteers are to the organizations they serve. After joining NACA in 2007, I soon realized NACA’s volunteers took volunteering to a whole new level. The level of commitment I have observed in the volunteers of this association over the past 15 years is unprecedented in my experience. Early in my time at NACA, I asked myself many times what was at the core of that commitment and passion.   

One thing I learned about student affairs professionals is they are expected to put in grueling hours on their jobs. Student co-curricular activities do not take place in the 9 to 5 world. With such long hours and hectic schedules working with their students, wearing many hats, how do they find the time and motivation to volunteer for their professional association in roles that at times span many months?  

As I have come to know many of the volunteers who give their time to this association, I think I have figured it out. First, they believe in what this organization stands for. NACA’s vision, mission and values go to the core of who they are as professionals. They know that engaging with NACA as volunteers will not only enable them to learn and grow as professionals, but their work is also helping other members in their professional growth as well. It is no wonder that NACA is excited to join other organizations in showing appreciation to its volunteers during the month of April 

Be on the lookout over the coming weeks for NACA emails and social media posts highlighting the work of volunteers. There will be stories shared about the “why” of volunteering. There will be many well-deserved expressions of appreciation shared for these invaluable members of the NACA family. Join us in letting volunteers know how much their hard work means to all of us. And let that feeling and expression of appreciation live on past National Volunteer Month.  

Brenda Baker is the director of finance and administration at the National Association for Campus Activities. Baker has dedicated her 40-year career to managing associations' financial resources and services. 

Interested in volunteering with the Association? Check out open volunteer opportunities.

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