NACA BLOG - The Complete Guide to Live Streaming Concerts - 3/25/2020

NACA Board and executive director

March 25, 2020
Mark Miller
Brave Enough Artist Agency (TN)

​In this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm inspired by former baseball player Chris Singleton. At age 18, he was orphaned when his mother was tragically killed in the 2015 shootings at “Mother Emanuel” African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. His response was unbelievably powerful and beautiful, a response he continues to live out. As he told me, "10% of life is what happens to you; 90% is how you respond to it. What will you do with your 90%?"

We've all been thrown some life-altering challenges this past month, but I am so grateful we still have 90% to work with. I've spent three months a year with many of you for the past decade, so I feel confident when I say you are people of diligence, courage and heart. You have an important mission, and the various impacts of this pandemic won't stop you.

In our response to COVID-19, we've been working diligently to find ways to help schools carry out their mission and meet the needs of their communities while incorporating our artists' gifts and passions. But the reality is that the rent is due next month and for most, if not all, artists, the entire next four months of touring bookings to colleges, festivals and other venues have been canceled.

For many, live streaming is becoming a major part of the solution. In our haste to find solutions, though, let's not neglect serving each other with excellence. For many, live streaming well (or at all) is an extremely daunting task, so I compiled this guide in the hopes we can crush moving to virtual performances together and thrive as we make our way to the other side of our current circumstances. It’s available here:

I will continue to update this guide as I become aware of additional tips and techniques, so please feel free to contribute your brilliant ideas to me Together, we've got this!

After touring 11 years, first as a solo artist as “theothermarkmiller,” and then successfully for five years with his wife as indie-pop duo So Long Solo, Mark Miller founded Brave Enough Artist Agency in 2016. As the agency’s creative director, he is dedicated to helping other artists achieve artistic and personal success.

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