NACA BLOG - Here for You: 24/7 - 3/16/2020
Tough Calls

March 16, 2020

During this time of trying to figure out how to go virtual and find engagement opportunities, make sure you are taking full advantage of NACA® 24/7. This online platform is where you can search for performers and programming services, see tour schedules and prices, negotiate contracts and participate in block booking, all in one place. Here are a few tips on how you might use it for your current needs:

  • Engage Your Student Programmers Virtually – Set up a virtual planning meeting and get your student programmers to use 24/7 to watch videos of acts and review services they want to book in the future. Have them think about your future needs and goals and get their plans together. Maybe you have typically waited until later in the year to start your fall planning and you want to get a jump on that now.
  • Talk with Acts/Agents about Virtual Options – Did you find a lecturer, magician or band on 24/7 that you really like and you want to know if they can take what they do and stream it to your virtual audience? Ask! They may be able to offer you a virtual option to meet your needs.
  • Create Your Contingency Plan – Do you have a contingency plan ready if your campus decides to have students return earlier than anticipated and your supervisors turn to you to create engagement opportunities? Prepare your list of acts or services that you could be ready to book to welcome your students back after being away from campus.
  • Start Your Wish List – It's never too early to see what is out there and show your interest. Add an act or service to your favorites to receive alerts on their upcoming activity. With so much talent out there, you can use the platform to read what other schools have to say about their experiences with an act. You might start thinking about placing deposits on acts now that you've traditionally waited until later in the year to book.
  • Help with Rescheduling – Maybe you had to postpone for this spring and are trying to decide when to reschedule. Check out the act's tour schedules and map on 24/7. The act may be coming to nearby campuses and you can help the artist better coordinate travel.

Need additional help with navigating 24/7? Check out our resources on ENCORE or view this previously recorded webinar.

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