NACA BLOG - Marketing Essentials within a Non-profit - 12/28/2022

​Dec. 28, 2022

Marketing Essentials within a Non-Profit
Stephen Skrocki
NACA Marketing & Communications Manager

Good marketing makes the company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

Marketing is an essential component of any nonprofit organization, as it helps to raise awareness about the organization's mission and the issues it seeks to address. Effective marketing can also help to attract funding, volunteers, and other resources that are critical to the organization's success.

According to a survey conducted by Nonprofit Marketing Guide, the top three marketing goals for nonprofits are to raise awareness about their organization (61%), to raise money (57%), and to recruit volunteers (40%). To achieve these goals, nonprofits often use a variety of marketing tactics, including social media, email marketing, content marketing, and events.

One effective marketing strategy for nonprofits is storytelling. By sharing compelling stories about the people and communities they serve, nonprofits can create an emotional connection with their audience and encourage them to take action. According to a study by the Stanford Social Innovation Review, storytelling is the most effective way to communicate the impact of a nonprofit's work, with 87% of nonprofit professionals saying that storytelling is their most effective marketing tool.

In addition to traditional marketing tactics, nonprofit organizations can also leverage the power of social media to reach a wider audience. A survey by Nonprofit Hub found that 75% of nonprofits use social media to promote their organization, and 77% of those organizations say it is an effective tool for engaging with supporters.

Overall, the key to successful marketing for a nonprofit is to effectively communicate the organization's mission and the impact it is making on the issues it seeks to address. By using a variety of tactics, including storytelling and social media, nonprofits can raise awareness, attract funding and volunteers, and make a difference in the world.

Stephen Skrocki is the marketing & communications manager for the National Association of Campus Activities. Skrocki has over 5 years of marketing experience focusing on social media management and marketing within the private and public sector. 

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