13 Dec 2023
by Kendrick Durham

5 Reasons You Should Consider Running for the NACA Board of Directors

Have you considered whether a seat at the NACA board table is the right next step for you?

Election season is upon us! No, not that election! It is almost time for electing new members to the NACA Board of Directors. Have you considered whether a seat at the NACA board table is the right next step for you? We’re looking for strategic thinkers with a variety of career and association volunteer experiences to further the association’s vision of creating colleges where everyone belongs.

Here are five reasons you should consider running for the Board of Directors:

  1. Professional development – Serving on the NACA Board, just like any nonprofit board, is a great opportunity to engage in work that is different than your typical 9-5. Making decisions regarding Association strategy and finances will allow you to develop skills and new ways of thinking that will not only benefit you in your current position but will also better prepare you for career advancement.
  2. Giving back – Has NACA had a meaningful impact on your journey into or through a career in higher education? Serving as a board member allows you to have a hand in ensuring that current and future association members will also have opportunities within a strong, innovative, industry-leading organization.
  3. Using your voice – No matter your background or personal identity, your experiences are unique. Does the association represent you? Even with the best of intentions, any organization board might not be able to consider all points of view in efforts to best represent its members. You have a unique experience and can broaden the views of the board through your involvement.
  4. Impact – There is a certain satisfaction that comes from seeing a project or initiative through. Board membership allows you to see the growth and change within the association that is a result of strategic decision-making at the board level. The board creates vision and plans for the future of the association and works in conjunction with the home office staff and awesome volunteers to bring those plans to life.
  5. Networking – Do you enjoy meeting and working with new people? Not only do board members work closely with one another, but board membership gives you the opportunity to represent NACA at a variety of meetings and events, and to work and interact with various individuals from within and outside the association membership. Broadening your network through these interactions will create more business connections and will allow you to learn from colleagues about job related information and potentially about positions you may be interested in.

Interested? Learn more about the Board responsibilites here or view this previous webinar on the role of the board. You can also reach out to a current board member for more information.

For information about the candidacy process and to apply, visit the position listing in the Volunteer Portal in NACA Connect.

Applications for board of directors candidacy are currently available and must be submitted by Friday, January 12, 2024.