Vote - 2019 NACA® Board of Directors Election


The results are in: Congratulations to the newest members of the National Association for Campus Activities Board of Directors. They will begin their three-year terms on May 1, 2019.

Kendrick Durham

Bill Harcleroad

Kendrick Durham is currently the Assistant Dean and Director of Campus Activities at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, and has served in this role since 2011. A deep love for campus involvement and learning through co-curricular involvement drew him into the field and keeps him motivated. Most of Kendrick's professional career, spanning 15 years, has been in student activities, and he has been involved with NACA as a volunteer since 2010.

In your opinion, what should be the most important items on the Board of Directors agenda that impact campus engagement over the next five years?

"One of the foremost issues in my mind is continuing to demonstrate the value of student involvement and out of class engagement opportunities. Society is becoming increasingly skeptical of the value of a college education, and many are now viewing higher education as a commodity and a means to an end. This leads to the need to justify the funds that support co-curricular activities through evidence-based research.
Another issue that warrants serious attention is ensuring that institutions remain a place where important conversations can take place. How do institutions balance the need for creating safe and welcoming environments while also encouraging civil discourse on difficult topics? This is something that many institutions are struggling with, but it is my belief that higher education must lead the way in this arena, and NACA, through its membership can be a strong resource for how to promote and advance meaningful discourse."

Shontae White

Saville Harris

Shontae Khaaleel White currently works at Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus as its Student Engagement Manger in the Department of Campus Life. During the last 18 years he has worked at Florida Atlantic University as Director of Student Involvement, University of Florida as Assistant Director of Student Activities and Involvement, University of Connecticut as Program Advisor and the University of the Arts as Director of Student Activities. His career has allowed him to gain experience in Greek Life, Orientation, Commencement, Student Media, Student Government Advising, Spirit Groups, Campus Events, Concert Production, Contracts and Student Organizations. He has been involved in NACA on a variety of levels throughout the years and looks forward to his continued involvement. 

In your opinion, what should be the most important items on the Board of Directors agenda that impact campus engagement over the next five years?

"The most important items that the Board of Directors need to add to the agenda is the structure of summer institutes to ensure that there are spaces for advisors and substantial professional development within the field. As we compete in a marketplace where many of our offices are being absorbed into the academic space, we will continue to challenge ourselves to create value driven spaces for our advisors to get that development just as much as our students in this space. We are beginning to see the robust enhancement of the staff tracks in these institutes but maybe there is a need to create staff only institutes to help in this area. These areas could include; first time advisor training, risk management for event training, learning outcomes and assessment and much more."