NACA® South - Diversity Initiatives

Affinity Group Chats

The goal of the newly developed Affinity Group Chat series is to provide an encouraging space for people of various identities to share their experiences as campus activities professionals, including their challenges and successes. There is no set agenda, as participants should drive discussions. Continued discussions will occur though the GroupMe app platform.

  • Latinx in Campus Activities
  • People of Color in Campus Activities
  • LGBTQIA+ in Campus Activities
  • Women in Campus Activities
  • People of Faith in Campus Activities

BEad Yourself

Be sure to stop by the Diversity Initiatives table near registration to participate in our BEad Yourself pop-up program, which allow participants to select beads based on their identity to create a unique combination representing who they are. Participants will be able to pin these beads to their name badges as conversation starters and to promote education around identities throughout the conference.

NACA's Diversity Competencies

Check out NACA's Competencies for Diversity and Inclusion.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Yabi Demissie, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator, at


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