NACA® Programming Board Institute
Programming Basics Institute

June 13-16, 2019

Washington University in St. Louis (MO)

Audience: Students and Advisors

The NACA® Programming Board Institute (PBI) is designed to enhance the essential skills that college student programmers need to host events on their campuses. This hands-on, interactive Institute offers students the opportunity to develop those skills through large group sessions, small group discussions, and on-site event planning.

One of the unique experiences PBI offers is that each participant will work with their designated small group to plan and execute an event from start to finish for the entire institute to enjoy on Event Day. As an added bonus, the small groups will be given a budget and time allocated to shop for supplies to enhance their events. The PBI staff will also plan an off-campus event for all participants to partake in.     

Throughout the institute, participants can expect to:

  • Develop and enhance basic through advanced programming skills in an experiential format via creating, promoting, implementing and evaluating events during the Institute;
  • Develop a network of peers to call upon for ideas, resources and problem solving;
  • Learn ways to publicize and promote campus events to specific audiences;
  • Improve leadership skills in areas such as delegation, meeting facilitation and effective communication;
  • Enhance their understanding of contracting and negotiation.
  • Have fun!

Advisors attending will have the opportunity to network with and learn best practices from programing board advisors from other institutions, attend large group discussions, participate in events, facilitate large group sessions, and serve as mentors during the event-planning stage.

*Please note: this institute is not recommended for repeat attendees

For more information on this institute, please contact:

Dionne Ellison
(803) 217-3479


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