NACA® Northern Plains - 2018 Showcasing Acts



  • I Love Female Orgasm    Sex Discussed Here!
  • Say What?!    Bass/Schuler Speakers
  • #DareYourself to Go Global with Author, Hilary Corna    Corna Productions, LLC
  • From the Streets to the Stage w/Monti Washington    The Contemporary Issues Agency
  • C.L. Lindsay: Computing & the Law    Bass/Schuler Entertainment


  • Six Appeal    The College Agency Speakers
  • Jessi Campbell    Summit Comedy, Inc.
  • Eric O'Shea    Summit Comedy Productions
  • Daniel Franzese    H2F Comedy Productions
  • Derek Hughes    The College Agency
  • Natasha T. Miller    RK Entertainment Agency

Spotlight High

  • Ben Seidman    Summit Comedy, Inc.
  • Mayhem Poets    Mayhem Poets
  • Nick and Joe's Found Footage Festival    Bass/Schuler Speakers
  • Carlos Andres Gomez    The College Agency Speakers
  • Chloe Hilliard    Summit Comedy Productions
  • Erin Jackson    Sophie K Entertainment
  • Illusionist Elliot Zimet    RK Entertainment Agency
  • Katie Wirsing    The College Agency
  • Preacher Lawson    Kirkland Productions
  • Jon Fisher    Summit Comedy, Inc.
  • Neil Hilborn    The College Agency Speakers
  • DJ Spin's Musical Roulette    Degy Dance
  • Kristin Key    H2F Comedy Productions
  • KT Tatara    KP Comedy
  • Febo    Strength of Doves
  • Fly By Midnight    Houla Entertainment
  • Kevin Bozeman    Summit Comedy Productions
  • Harbour    TR Agency
  • Throwback Time Machine    Degy Dance

Spotlight Low

  • The George Twins    The Barry Agency
  • Subhah Agarwal    KP Comedy Too
  • Paige Weldon    KP Comedy Too
  • Chinedu Unaka    KP Comedy Too
  • Ali Kolbert    Sophie K Entertainment
  • Amanda Vernon    Brave Enough Artist Agency
  • D and Chi    Wallys World of Entertainment, Inc.
  • The Icarus Account    DMS, Inc
  • Oferle    Brave Enough Artist Agency
  • Lafayette Wright    Sophie K Entertainment
  • SungBeats    Bass/Schuler Entertainment


  • Lacey Roop    Neon Entertainment
  • Stephen Agyei    KP Comedy
  • Steven Briggs    Kirkland Productions
  • Nash Fung    Metropolis Management
  • Wacky Chad    Cutting Edge Entertainment

Roving Artist

  • Brian Getz    H.O.S.S. Entertainment
  • Doug's Wire Writing    Everything But The Mime
  • Snubby J    GP Entertainment

Special Event - Orientation

  • FREE DAPS    Degy Booking International, Inc
  • Spidey Mentalist    RK Entertainment Agency

Special Event - Friday Night

  • Nerdology    Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Special Event - Spotlight

Showcase 2

  • Shut Up Just Dance    The College Agency

Showcase 3

  • Lizzy - Comedy Stage Hypnotist    G.L. Berg Entertainment


Alternates will be called up in order by category listed if any selected acts decline their showcase or we have cancellations between now and the event.

Lecture Alternates

  1. Dr. Megan Stubbs    Metropolis Management
  2. Terms and Conditions May Apply (Cullen Hoback)    The Contemporary Issues Agency
  3. Adam Grabowski    RK Entertainment Agency
  4. Show Me Democracy    The Contemporary Issues Agency
  5. Andy Stoll    The College Agency

Emcee Alternates

  1. Jason LeVasseur    Bass/Schuler Speakers
  2. Michael Blaustein    Neon Entertainment

High Tech Alternates

  1. Kid Ace    Metropolis Management
  2. Joseph Réohm    Neon Entertainment
  3. Headphone Disco    Degy Dance
  4. Jordy Searcy    Brave Enough Artist Agency
  5. Dan Lornitis    The College Agency
  6. Stealing Oceans    Degy Booking International, Inc

Low Tech Alternates

  1. Trent James    The College Agency Speakers
  2. JC Coccoli    JC Coccoli
  3. Taylor Tomlinson    H2F Comedy Prods
  4. Joel Ward    H2F Comedy Productions
  5. Dane Drewis    Developing Artist
  6. Keenan Baker    Cutting Edge Entertainment
  7. Chad Daniels    Summit Comedy Productions
  8. Gospel Lee    The College Agency Speakers

Roving Artist Alternates

  1. Ryan LaPerle    Brave Enough Artist Agency
  2. King Zimm    Wally’s World of Entertainment, Inc.
  3. Nikki Borodi- Acrolele    H2F Comedy Productions
  4. Beth//James    DMS, Inc

Special Event - Orientation Alternates

  1. Improv Shmimprov    Summit Comedy Productions
  2. Human iPod - John Rush    Wally’s World of Entertainment, Inc.

Special Event - Friday Night Alternates

  1. Summoning Spirits    Bwah Productions, Inc.

Special Event - Spotlight Alternates

Showcase 2

  1. Midwest Dueling Pianos    Bass/Schuler Entertainment
  2. Mat LaVore    Mat LaVore - Astonishment Artist

Showcase 3

  1. Freddie Justice, The Planet's Funniest Hypnotist    Freddie Justice Hypnotist
  2. Josh McVicar Comedy Hypnosis    Josh McVicar Comedy Magic and Hypnosis


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