NACA® Northeast - School Swap

​School Swap is a great opportunity to share ideas and stories, as well as bond with other delegates. Bring all extra promotional materials and swag from your programs and swap them with other participating programming organizations.

Each participating school will set up a booth to display promotional items available for swap. Based on the theme, NACA – Share Your Story, you're encouraged to decorate your booth to best represent how you share stories on campus. Schools will share swag swapping tables, but not booths.

A tiered system will be used to determine which students can collect items based on the number of schools they swap stories with. Be creative with your booth, potentially incorporating more than one way to share a story, including books, newspapers and social media. Try to capture every part of your school's story when decorating your booth. Judges will review each booth before School Swap opens. Awards will be presented based on how creatively you've incorporated the theme in your booth. While there is no requirement to decorate a booth to participate in School Swap, it's strongly encouraged. Even if you're not creating a booth, you're invited to enjoy the experience and participate in voting for the best booths.


  • Only three individuals from each school may enter the room – two to set up the booth during the allotted time and one to set up swap items on the designated table.
  • No hotel carts will be allowed in the room.
  • Schools must bring their own tape, thumbtacks, etc.
  • Glitter, sand, stickers, confetti, etc. is not allowed.
  • No electric outlets will be provided.
  • No amplified sound is permitted. However, headphones for promotional media are encouraged. Battery-operated items are permitted (laptops, portable DVD players, etc.)
  • Schools must clean up their booths at the close of the Swap and remove any all items they brought into the room and/or collected during the event.
  • Each school will be given a booth. The booth should never be empty and students at the booth must stay within the area allotted to them.

2019 School Swap Sign Up

For more information:

Contact School Swap Coordinator Shannon Gayron at or Student Projects Coordinator at Conor Leary at


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