NACA® Northeast - Marketing Competition

​The Marketing Competition is an opportunity to share and recognize ideas and techniques used to create outstanding promotional items from a variety of materials and resources. We want you to show off what your organization has done to attract people to events and this competition is a great way for you to be recognized for creativity, imagination and hard work.

Marketing Competition Entry Form

Bring your most outstanding work, as entries will be displayed as inspiration for other conference delegates. Carefully review the following competition guidelines before submitting your entries:

Competition Categories

  • Creative Poster Advertisement: Submit well-crafted paper advertisements, including posters, flyers, table tents, handouts or any other paper form of promotion your board typically uses.
    • Submission Guidelines: Submit a printed copy of the paper advertisement on site. In addition, submit information about how it was used, its effectiveness and target audience. Data is strongly encouraged in terms of attendance, where it was posted and how many were used, etc.
  • 3D Out of the Box: All participants in Excellence in Programming will be automatically entered for this award. We encourage you to present about various marketing materials and tools that make your events successful. This category is for any item used to effectively promote your events in ways that were outside the norm, street team activities, flash mobs, stunts, window displays, gimmicks, giveaways, etc. If it doesn't fit in another category, submit it here. Submissions can also include pictures of displays, promotional items, online media, videos or any other type of promotions used for a themed campaign. Judging is based on creativity, ability to tie together all components, organizational branding and ability to incorporate different types of promotional material.
    • Submission Guidelines: Present original marketing ideas during the Excellence in Programming sessions. You may bring materials with you or provide photos of them.
  • T-Shirt Design: Share your best T-shirt designs from welcome weeks, themed events, major events, member shirts, etc. Don't forget to bring extras for School Swap!
    • Submission Guidelines: Bring your most creative T-shirt design to be displayed for the entire conference. Before submitting, attach a 4" x 2" label on the lower right-hand corner listing your institution's and programming board's names.
  • Logo Design: Enter your best themed logos, which can include welcome week logos, organization logos or any other branding ideas.
    • Submission Guidelines: Provide your logo printed and ready to display with a cardboard backing. Your submission should describe your logo, how and where you used it and how effective it was, etc.
  • Promotional Item: Submit any items you've used to effectively advertise your organization, including apparel, drinkware, pens, bags, sunglasses and more. If you give it away, it fits in this category. Items will be judged and displayed during School Swap.
    • Submission Guidelines: Submit one item during the conference to be displayed on a table. Describe what it is, how you used it, how effective it was, etc.
  • "Story Submission"– Video/Digital Media: Submit videos your students have created to promote events and/or their organization as a whole.
    • Submission Guidelines: Save video/digital media submissions to a flash drive so your campaign can be displayed digitally. Include a written submission on how effective the campaign was. You are required to show analytics such as views, shares, re-posts, etc.

General Rules

  • Any NACA® Northeast regional school member may participate.
  • Schools must sign up in advance to enter the Marketing Competition by submitting the entry form by Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Submissions for the Marketing Competition must be dated or have been used between the dates of Nov. 1, 2018 and Sept. 26, 2019.
  • All submissions must be turned in on site to the Student Projects Table in the Conference Lobby or at the Foundation Fundraising Table in the Campus Activities Marketplace by noon on the second day of the conference (Friday, Nov. 8, 2019).

Marketing Competition Entry Form

For More Information:

Contact Marketing Competition Coordinator Jason Howell or Student Projects Coordinator Conor Leary at


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