NACA® Mid Atlantic - Conference Awards

Group and Individual Awards

Outstanding Associate Member Award

The NACA® Mid Atlantic region recognizes the commitment of its associate members and the role they play in student leader development. The Outstanding Associate Member Award recognizes the leadership and dedication of an associate member agency or individual.


The nominee must:

  • Be a current associate member.
  • Demonstrate exemplary leadership and participation in NACA® Mid Atlantic.
  • Show commitment to programming and student development.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Offer ease of accessibility.
  • Offer high-quality entertainment.
  • Demonstrate overall commitment to college campus activities.

The Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award

This award honors a graduate student who demonstrates commitment to both their current position and graduate education. The award recognizes a graduate student currently advising in the field of campus activities at a NACA member institution.


The nominee must:

  • Be a currently enrolled graduate student at a NACA member institution.
  • Demonstrate desire to pursue a career in student affairs.
  • Provide meaningful contributions to the student affairs field on their campus.
  • Provide meaningful contributions to the development of students, student organizations and/or campus activities.

Dr. Thomas Matthews Award for Outstanding Professional

This award is presented to a professional staff member from a NACA member institution who has been employed as a professional staff member in the student affairs field for longer than five years.


The nominee must:

  • Be currently employed as a full-time (at least nine months/year) professional staff member.
  • Be involved in and contribute to the NACA® Mid Atlantic region.
  • Be involved in and contribute to the campus activities field.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the profession through work, both at their institution and through professional organizations.
  • Be viewed by colleagues as an educator.
  • Display genuine support and regard for students.

Outstanding New Professional

The regional leadership team strives to welcome new members into the NACA® Mid Atlantic region and to encourage their involvement by recognizing their contributions. The NACA® Mid Atlantic Outstanding New Professional Award demonstrates the team's continuing commitment to maintaining the growth and vitality of the region. It is given when deemed appropriate to a full-time professional staff member who has worked in the campus activities field five years or less.


The nominee must:

  • Be currently employed as a full-time (at least nine months/year) professional staff member at a college or university.
  • Be involved in and contribute to NACA.
  • Be involved in and contribute to the campus activities field.
  • Demonstrate potential in the campus activities field.
  • Be viewed by colleagues as an educator.
  • Displays genuine support and regard for students.

Outstanding Programming Board

The Outstanding Program Board Award is presented to a program board from a NACA member institution. Applications should demonstrate why the programming board has been outstanding in the past year, with special attention paid to student participation on the board and in events. All submissions must include materials, which respond to the questions below. Each submission is evaluated with the same scoring scale.

Each school is encouraged to submit promotional materials, event or organization pictures, testimonials, evaluation information and other supporting materials as needed and are relevant to the application and submission criteria.

1. Organizational Goals

  • Describe your organization's goals and/or mission.
  • Describe how you achieved those goals and mission through your programming schedule.

2. Organizational Information

  • Describe what types of events make up your programming calendar (i.e. comedy, coffeehouse, etc.).
  • What is your typical annual budget?
  • Discuss how your organization financially supports its programming efforts.
  • How many members does your board have?
  • How many advisors?

3. Planning and Preparation

  • Elaborate on your target audience.
  • Explain any challenges to your programs and your responses to them.
  • List all campus resources that contributed to the success of your programs.

4. Publicity and Promotion

  • Describe your promotional strategies for attracting your target audience.
  • Describe your advertising methods and highlight any special creative techniques used.

5. Evaluation

  • Discuss any evaluation process used in measuring the success of your programs.
  • Demonstrate impact on the campus community.

6. Campus Support

  • Please include any letters of support from various campus administrators or students that elaborate on the value of your organizational programming efforts in relationship to the educational mission of the college or university.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader

The NACA® Mid Atlantic Region encourages active involvement in the region by undergraduate students. We realize undergraduate student leaders are the heartbeat of campus activities and this award honors up to three undergraduate students who've demonstrated leadership, citizenship and cooperation as well as having made an impact in student activities on their campus.


The nominee must:

  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at a NACA member institution.
  • Provide meaningful contributions to and have made an impact on student activities on campus.
  • Have demonstrated success in programming efforts on campus.
  • Provide innovative and creative programming efforts on campus.
  • Demonstrate citizenship and networking through NACA.

Unsung Hero Award

The NACA® Mid Atlantic Unsung Hero Award is given to an undergraduate student from a college/university or associate member agency who has made positive contributions to student activities on their campus and/or in the Mid Atlantic Region. The award recognizes and celebrates those who've successfully made an impact on student, campus and community life through their work on campus.


The nominee:

  • Is committed to programming, student development and student activities.
  • Works behind the scenes for event success.
  • Displays genuine support to students and campus activities.

Group & Individual Nominations


Outstanding Program Awards

The Outstanding Program Awards are presented to college/university programs that demonstrate creativity, innovation and appeal to diverse bodies of students. Awards are presented to programs in five categories. (If a category has no nominations, the committee reserves the right not to present an award in that category):

  • Outstanding Leadership Program
  • Outstanding Social Program
  • Outstanding Multicultural Program
  • Outstanding Educational Program
  • Outstanding Civic & Service-Learning Program
  • Outstanding Program Series (series of three or more related programs)

Consideration for recognition is based on:

  • Effective use of available resources (financial, human and logistical), including co-sponsorship.
  • Effectiveness of programs with relation to their stated goals.
  • Effective evaluation of the program.
  • The program having been administered and managed by the college/university activities board or campus programming office where students are significantly, if not completely, involved in the decision making, planning and presentation of the programs.
  • Evidence of an effort to encourage, promote and market the programs to the campus student population (i.e. posters, social media).

To nominate a program, complete this form and briefly describe how the program meets the criteria for the award for which it is being nominated. Refer to the criteria listing. If uploading supplemental materials to your award description, please name the file with the nominator' last name and program name.


Outstanding Program Nominations

Mid Atlantic Spirit Award

Up to three awards are given to delegations regardless of delegation size or composition.

These awards will be based upon participation in the following:

  • Daily school and programming board spirit – This delegation wears school apparel that identifies them as a group at all or most conference events (T-shirts, jackets and/or spirit at roll call).
  • School staff members or students present a minimum of one educational session during the conference.
  • Consistent social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) participation using the appropriate hashtag throughout the conference.  
  • Participation in one or more of the following: School Swap, Diversity Ice Cream Social or Block Booking.
  • Volunteerism – Delegation members participate in volunteer opportunities offered at the conference.
  • Delegation members strive to embody the core values of the Association – stewardship, innovation, communication, respect, learning and inclusivity.
  • Nominations by other delegations or associate members throughout the conference.

Questions about any award nominations? Contact NACA® Mid Atlantic Communications Coordinator Victoria Dean at


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