NACA® Institutes

What are Institutes?

Attend a NACA Institute where you can have fun, learn valuable skills and network with both seasoned professionals and fellow students. Each summer, NACA offers in-person experiential learning opportunities for students and professionals. Institutes provide you with the skills to further excel as a leader on your campus. Through team building, effective training, and inspiring programming ideas, you will be highly motivated to build better programs on your campus. 
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The 2022 NACA Institutes have come to an end. Stay tuned for information about the 2023 NACA Institutes in early spring.

What can you expect to gain from an Institute?

STUDENTS will be able to:

  • Integrate principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus
  • Demonstrate effective communication
  • Exhibit enhanced leadership skills
  • Demonstrate enhanced competence in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making 

ADVISORS will be able to:

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