NACA® Research Grants - Past Research Topics

​Below is a list of research topics presented by past grant recipients. An executive summary of the research is linked as the topic name, where available.

Year Recipients Topic
​Lauren Irwin
​Racialization and Whiteness in College Student Leadership Education Efforts
​Dr. Krista Soria
​The effects of college students’ participation in campus activities programs on students’ sense of belonging, resilience, teamwork-related outcomes, creative problem-solving, social capital development, and leadership development.
​Donovan Nichols
​The experiences of student activities administrators at four-year colleges and universities with work-life balance.
​Dr. Amy French
​Reinvigorating Campus Activities Programming Post-Virtual Programming: A Delphi Study of Student Affairs Professionals 
​Brittany Wildman
​An Inquiry into the Experiences of Supervisors of On-Campus Student Employees
​Mary Ellen Wade
​Undergraduate students in co-curricular leadership roles at a Jesuit Catholic institution.
​Bradley Kovalcik
A Phenomenological Study on Cocurricular Leader Alumni's Perceptions of Soft Skill Preparedness
​Drs. Hoekstra, Velez, Jessup-Anger, and Nemanich
​Emerging from COVID-19: Student Involvement in Campus Activities and Young People's Success, Sense of Belonging, Health, and Well-being
​Dr. Jorge Burmicky and Kathleen Rzucidlo
A Snapshot of Campus Involvement in the COVID-19 Pandemic: An HBCU-based Case Study
​Elif Yucel
​How Community College Reentry Programs Foster Student Success
​Ryan Terry
​Grief and campus activities: A narrative inquiry exploring how campus activities programs influence sense of belonging for grieving college students
​Jennifer Batchelder 
Latinx Student Leadership
​Matthew Kitching 
​The Contributions of Campus Activities and Student Unions to Student Institutional Pride
​Anh Le
​The Role of Racial /Ethnic Student Organizations in the Development of Racial/Ethnic Identity, Sense of Belonging, and Academic Success of Asian American Students
​Victoria Sherif, Jean Patterson, & Chelsea Redger-Marquardt
The Impact of Student Involvement on Leadership and Academic Achievement of First‐
Generation Undergraduate Students


​Vincent Edward Bowhay

​Student Employment as a Model for Workplace Readiness Skill Development


​Ashley McMillan

​The Role that Native Student Organizations Play for Native American Students


​Joseph Sammut

​Roles and Expectations of Club Advisors


​Matthew K. Vetter

​Is There Room for Conservative Students in Leadership Development Programs?


​Leslie Cothren

​Student Feelings of Psychological Ownership at a Mid-Sized Regional Public Institution


Matthew K. Vetter

Quantity and Quality of Co-Curricular Involvement in College


Adam Gismondi, Ph.D and Inger Bergom, Ph.D.

Colleges & Universities as “Laboratories of Democracy?”:  An Exploration of the Political and Civic Outcomes of Undergraduate Co-Curricular Involvement


Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Dr. Vivechkanand Chunno, and Sally Watkins

Student Success through Leadership and Involvement:  Socially Responsible Leadership Values in Action


Laura Pasquini, Ph.D., Paul W. Eaton, Ph.D., and Josie Ahlquist, Ed.D.

Online Networking and Digital Identity Development


Erika Cohen Derr

Double (Privilege) Jeopardy:  Does an Elite Institutional Context Undermine “Good” Leadership Identity Development?


Gary Myers III and Lindsey Myers

Harnessing High-Impact Practices through a Virtual Leadership Development Program

Erica Wiborg and Amanda Mintz​The Student Leadership Development Plan at Florida State University: A Cross Functional-Area Assessment of Student Leader Learning through Involvement Experiences.​
​Jason Meier and Amma Marfo
​That's Not Funny, But Why? Better Understanding Student Reactions to Comedy
​Katie Winstead Reichner
​Key Indicators for Developing Lifelong Institutional Affinity through Undergraduate Student Involvement and Campus Programs.
Salandra Bowman and Rosline Sumpter
​The Impact of System-wide Activities in the Community College Setting: A South Carolina Case Study
​Colin Stewart
​The Degree to Which Participation in College Improv Comedy Affects Student Development
​Brianne Rogers and Emily Nacy
​An Examination of the Difference between Student Organization Advisors Who Do and Do Not Participate in Support and Education Initiatives
Scott LyonsA Study of Exemplary Co-Curricular Advising by College and University Faculty
2015Julia Broskey and Amanda PapinchockCross Campus Collaboration to Assess an Alcohol Alternative Program at Illinois State University
2014Cindy KaneA Place for Scholarship in Campus Activities Practice:  A Collective Case Study
2014Kim BruemmerRisk Perceptions in the Management of Student Organizations
2014Jessica Inman and
Catherine Pedersen
Do Peer Consultants have a Positive Impact on the Success of Student Involvement?
2014Bryce HughesHow a Jesuit University Engages LGBT Students:  A Case Study
2014Beth HoagOdd Bedfellows or Perfect Partners:  A Case Study of Academic Librarians and Student Affairs Professionals Mental Models toward Collaboration
2013Justin Janak and Patrick EdwardsAssessing Student Leader Learning:  A Comprehensive Competency-Based Approach for Current Practitioners
2013Margaux C. ManleyThe Relationship Between Student Involvement in Extracurricular Activities and Sense of Belonging among Undergraduate Commuter Students
2012Adrian H. Huerta and Gina A. GarciaA Mixed Methods Perspective on Latino Male Undergraduates:  Examining Their Leadership Abilities and Development in Postsecondary Education
2011Linda M. CampbellA Study of Involvement Variables in Higher Education:  Their Influence on the Uniform CPA Examination
2011Ladanya Ramírez SurmeierSOARing to New Heights:  Measuring the Learning of Student Leaders
2010Regina Young HyattThe Influence of Time Spent by Students Engaged in Co-Curricular Involvement, Online Social Networking, and Studying and Doing Coursework on the their Academic Achievement
2010Kat KaszpurenkoThe Fort After Dark
2010Elizabeth NiehausThe Contribution of Alternative Break Programs to Students' Future Intentions
2010Adam PeckA Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Periodic and Meta-Cognitive Reflection for Fostering Learning Outcomes in Presidents of Campus Programming Boards
2009Tina Samuel PowellsonStudent Event Planning Using Risk Management:   A Moral Process?
2009Jacob LivengoodAnticipatory Socialization of New College Students:  Connectivity Experiences on Facebook
2008Cari Murphy and Thomas E. MillerPredicting the Risk of Individual Student Attrition and Enhancing Student Persistence and Degree Attainment for First Time College (FTIC) Students
2008Linda KennedyMapping Leadership Skills to Activities:  Transforming Student Stories into a Useful Tool
2008Andrew SonnStudent Affairs Fundraising at Private Research Universities:  How Organizational Culture Affects Collaborations Between Student Affairs and Development Units
2008Brian BourkeAn Exploratory Investigation of the Relationship Between Involvement and Persistence Beyond the First Year Among Black Students Attending a Predominantly White Institution
2008Elizabeth K. Green and George J. AllenA Longitudinal Study of Leadership Value Development of First-Year College Students
2008Michael SiegelA qualitative and Quantitative Study on Student Engagement:  An Exploration into the Impact Co-curricular Involvement has on Retention Rates of Residential Students
2008Susan KomivesMulti-Institutional Study of Leadership
2008Danielle DeSawalDevelopment of an Instrument to Measure an Advisors Approach

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