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The NACA® Foundation was established in 1982 to develop and provide educational programs and services for college and university students, professional staff and others who work in the field of student activities.

When you support the Foundation, you are a part of something really special: a community dedicated to developing knowledgeable and innovative leaders through research and scholarship. Since 1982, our donors’ belief in the NACA® Foundation as a valuable community asset has made it possible to award numerous scholarships, research grants, and professional development opportunities to members of the campus activities community. We take great pride in our mission and accomplishments, and with your continued support, we can persist in advancing the field of campus activities. The Foundation currently offers a variety of scholarships to assist undergraduate students, graduate students, professional staff and associate members in pursuing educational interests and career development.

A Few of Our Recent Scholarship Recipients

Madison King

"My focus can go into studying and volunteering to strengthen my application as much as possible instead of working extra hours. With this scholarship, I can now continue my journey and become the physician I have always dreamed of being."

Grace Schuler

"This scholarship allows me to focus on my studies and continue my education in hospitality management. I truly appreciate your kindness and your generosity—I hope to one day be able to do the same for another student. "

Ranen Miao

"Serving my campus through student government has been an honor and a privilege, and the opportunity to organize events that impact so many has been deeply gratifying. This award offers me the opportunity to continue serving the student body through my extracurricular commitments instead of work.."

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